Digital Identity for College Students

Digital Identity for College Students

by Sheri Lehman (March 2013)

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author: Sheri Lehman

Sheri discusses the concept of branding your digital image or “second self”online via the use of various internet technologies. First, find a place to post your “elevator pitch”, which is a short sales pitch describing you as a person. It should include “who you are, what you do, your interests, and your strengths and contributions”. Sheri calls this your “brand statement”. Second, you should make use of social media tools.  She discusses the importance of choosing the right platform to express yourself because each one is unique. Third, you must not lie! Finally, Sheri breaks down the concept that every internet site, regardless if it’s a personal blog to a yellow pages site requires social networking to thrive. You have to find a way to drive traffic of your intended audience to your site or brand image platform (maybe your using Facebook or Pinterest). She suggest finding important people within your industry or joining various groups or discussions on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and such. Don’t forget that your digital identity must be managed in similar way to a business like Coca-Cola or Google: constant evaluation and growing.





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