Introducing BinarYYouMe to The Internet


Let’s do a quick introduction: I’m a student, Josiah and you are Mr. or Miss Anonymous. Nice to meet you.

This website is part of an academic project for a course at the University of Mary Washington. The course explores the history of the internet while taking time to contemplate the more essential questions related to The Digital Frontier constantly driven by the ever changing Internet. More specifically The Internet Course will start by researching the following questions:

  1. How it works –
    The nuts and bolts regarding the technology and hardware of the internet.
  2. How has it evolved –
    That’s right! ARPAnet and the first internet geeks.
  3. Privacy/Openness –
    The constant conflict between open accessibility of our information and protection of our privacy.
  4. Social/Economic Cultural Impact –
    How has the internet changed the way we live and think?
  5. Creation and Consumption –
    How do we use the internet and who creates the content of the internet?
  6. Digital Identity –
    The internet has forged a digital identity for each person. We are most definitely going to dive into the scope and content of your digital identity along with considering the ramifications of its very existence.
  7. Intellectual Property and Fair Use –
    The internet has waged war on the question of intellectual property through the means of Napster, BitTorrent, Peer-To-Peer filesharing, et cetera. Does current fair use laws have a place in the 21 century were intellectual property worth millions of dollars can be copied and distributed to the world in a matter of minutes?
  8. Where is it going –
    Where is this thing called the internet taking us: we have smartphones today will we have smart houses, smart cars, and appliances in the future?

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